Best of BOTH Worlds.

Yesterday I was ordering a sammich at Subways & I somehow always get the SAME guy to prep my food so we started to small talk.

Him: "What are you?"
Me: "Peruvian & Chilean"
Him: *Surprised* "Oh I have Peruvian friends they're so nice. I have only one Chilean friend and she has an attitude."
Me: *chuckles* That's funny, I don't have an attitude. *Thinks to myself, attitude isn't inbred it IS learned*
Him:"Well maybe I'll give you my number next time"

I grab my lunch & walk away. Guys are becoming more bold these days huh?

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My mom's Peruvian & she gave me this cute jewelry box years ago.
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My grandfather gave me the watch I have yet to change its battery it's been on that time for the longest. My grandmother gave me the tiny bottle with a penny in there. How did the penny get in there? It was always a mystery to us. My grandparents who gave me this are Chilean. 

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  1. I love what your mom and grandfather gave you. They are beautiful.
    Hahaha....Guys. I like that boy. Your conversation sounds like the beginning of a movie. It makes me smile.