Appreciate what you have it could be worse.

When I was a kid I use to hate the color of my eyes. I felt like an outcast even though I wasn't alone because my twin had them too. But everyone else had huge dark brown eyes or crystal blue sparklers :) As years gone by I eventually began to like them & now I just love them. They're really unique. Too bad colored eyes lose sight more quicker than brown eyed folks'.

I use to hate my height. I hated being so small. I didn't realize how tiny I was till I was leaving class one time & as I was walking up a small hill to the train station, I noticed a very tall, skinny woman coming my way. She was probably thinking what  I was thinking. A small girl walking up a hill practically taking bigger steps then I should have &  tall lady walking down casually. It looked awkward. Then there was a time I stood infront of fence which would have been at the height of an "average" person's waistline & it was the same height as me.

But now I just love being small & being able to wear monstrous shoes & not make me look ridiculously tall because I would be up to your level, aha. I love that I can climb onto my bf's lap & hold him or give him a hug & stuff my face into his chest. I can get away with wearing mini dresses because I don't have super long legs even though  I wished I did. I'm happy I stand tall at 5'0

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