After many months of searching I'm happy to say that we welcome a new edition to the family! A 1 year old pup. My sister finally adopted a dog after visiting so many shelters. She hasn't named him yet but with creative minds he won't be nameless for long. We are really big on animal rescue. We never bought an animal. Our cats came from the streets & this dog came from a shelter.

Every year thousands of pets are brought back, abandoned to fend for themselves, kicked out, tortured, killed or left for DEAD. We need to stop this pandemic. I'd like to believe everyone has a heart but unfortunately that's not the case. We need to take action to help those without a voice. Me & my sister help as much as we can. We donate to shelters. Sign petitions to be heard & would rally if we had to. I will never be able to understand the cruelty animals have to endure or the death sentence they have to face for being unwanted. You can start by spaying/neutering your pets it helps prevents the stress of finding a home for newborns. You don't know how many articles I read where someone throws away a bag full of kittens/puppies or recently where a teenager drowned her unwanted puppies in a lake OR a woman stomping on a helpless kitten. Things like this breaks my heart. We need to prevent this. Micro-chipping a pet is helpful in case your pet gets lost. Thousands of pets are lost each year & they end up dead or put down if they're considered "un-adoptable". Being educated before adopting helps prevents any troubles in the future.

I can't stress it enough. Don't go to a dog store to make a purchase. It's best you adopt through a shelter for many reasons. You need to know where they are coming from. MOST if not all dogs from a dog store are coming from Puppy mills. A puppy mill is a breeding ground in which dogs are kept in unsanitary conditions forced to birth thousands of pups. When they are considered old & useless they are either shot dead or euthanize. But since there's a cost to put down an animal they are more likely shot dead. They are kept outside in the freezing cold or scorching heat. They are also cramped into cages where there isn't space to move around. They aren't being taken care of. I've seen countless documentaries where people go undercover & see the unspeakable conditions dogs are living in. It was raining. They were wet, muddy & cold. Their hairs were matted & long. I can't believe its legal in the U.S. They need to stop these breeding grounds.

How you can HELP:
You can donate money, food, supplies to any shelter. Your local Humane Society always need help. Volunteer! There's never enough volunteers to help around in the facility or to foster animals until they can find a home.

Yes a lot of the time the animals in shelters are adults instead of babies but they make better companions because they are most likely house broken and/or trained. They are neutered/spayed, received their shots. But don't lose hope if you really want a puppy they do have them! My sister got a 1 year old pup.
AND ALSO, ANIMALS DON'T MAKE A GOOD HOLIDAY GIFT. This is the time of the year where most animals are purchased or adopted then brought back because they couldn't care for it or weren't prepared for the responsibilities. Like I said you need to be educated. You need to make sure you'll be able to care for them. Some breeds have genetic illnesses that will eventually have to be cared for. People don't understand that. They think they're cute and everything will be ok but that's not how it'll turn out if you don't know their history. Know what kind of dog you want: Breed/mixed, young/adult, small/medium/big then begin your search. I personally want a BIG dog a Rottweiler to be exact :) Can't wait, one day.

I'm proud of my sister for adopting. She could never purchase a $1000 dog from a store knowing its mother is trapped in a cage. And I refuse to post a picture up here to show you the conditions I'm talking about. Have a heart. Don't shop, adopt & if your bold like us take in a stray as long as you're prepared to pay  vets bills :)

xo Happy Holidays! You can find my sister here http://twinn-love.blogspot.com/

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