IGLOO I see you...No where.

There' been soo much chaos & mayhem in the streets!

Over snow.

Can you believe MY job didn't want me to take the day off? How the hell do they expect me to get to work if there were NO buses & cabs running? My dad refused to take me. I actually wanted to go to work but he kept yelling at me to take off :) The dedication I have. Sort of.

This Snow was NO joke I actually hated it.

When the weather calmed down  I took Casio for his mini walks.
It's way too cold for him to be out for long.

I'd say they're getting along fairly. Everything takes some time.

I opened the fridge to grab a drink & Lucky jumps in there so
I closed him in & ran for my camera. Once I opened it again I
saw he took mom's peice of Turkey.

My kitty looking at who else? Casio (not pictured)
Quick flick meanwhile my twin & I
got ready for work. What JOY! -_-

I been really busy taking care of this puppy & little time for myself anymore but  I wouldn't trade him for the world he just constantly wants attention. I just bunched up what would have been separate posts into ONE. New year coming soon ,so many posts to come!

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