Hello Mister President

It is said that nothing lasts forever but thats the wrong answer. Love lasts forever. To give and receive love. To share and embrace love. It ALL lasts Forever.


I woke up to more snow this morning. It didn't bother me what bothers me is knowing that I will have a bad morning. It never fails me to have a bad morning or possibly day when there's cloudy skies. I LIVE for the SUN. I actually like Nature. So I missed my bus to work had to pay an over priced cab for a 5 minute ride. Makes no sense but whatever, since its Presidents Day I get paid double so Thank you Mister President. :) I'll take that holiday mula.

I can't understand someone who's mission is to make other peoples lives a living hell. My boyfriend says I'm the best thing to happen to him. Times are very hard right now. He prayed for someone like me. To be honest I use to ask myself why me? Why do I have to be with someone like him dealing with non sense. But after 4 years I still don't know the answer. I feel like we were made for each other and then at times I question it. It's really weird but I love him dearly and we're not perfect and thats something I learned to be ok with. Just hope things come around for him. I hate to see him so hurt and weak for the things being done to him. But he knows he wont have to go through anything alone anymore because I'm here. xoxo

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