crooked LIFE

(don't mind the mess, my twin was in the midst of moving out)
Shit has been so fucked up to me lately. I cant believe after everything that I've done, everything that I fought for, everything that I worked so hard to make work was thrown out the window. YEARS of work.Shit doesn't just happen. People let shit happen.

Well I wish my weight would stop fluctuating up & down and just stay STEADY. I always want to stay petite though. Finally went to see my twins apartment. Its really cute so happy for her I cant wait to have a happy ending for a new beginning if that makes sense. What was funny was on our way out to do a lil shopping I locked the bottom lock not knowing there isn't a key for it. I told her I'm leaving my bag and phone etc. She said she was too. I had a bad feeling about that because I felt like one of us should have a phone but we left without  them anyways -_- Coming back she unlocks the top lock and sees we cant get in then asks me "Please tell me you didn't lock the bottom lock!", I did. She was panicking, I was cool and collective. She hates her landlord she didn't want to go and see her. She didn't even know where her bf's job was and he was not coming home for like another 3 hours. My LIFE was on the other side of the door and we were basically screwed. But staying calm we took turns turning the knob trying to loosen it up. Finally I'm like ok Im just going to try and push it open and hope that the door doesn't break. (yeah as if my little ass can break a door -_-) Well, THESE HIPS DON'T LIE!!!! A lil nudge and turn of the knob & voila it opens kudos to muah :) I'm never locking that door again!


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