Hurricane Irene

On August 23 there was an earthquake I didn't technically feel. I only suffered a headache. It actually occurred in Virginia but people felt it here in NY. I guess I didn't feel it because I was moving back and forth in a rush putting my bag together to get out the house.

On August 24 after work I find out my mothers country Peru also suffered from an earthquake. A bigger one then here. It was Northern Peru the jungles, Pucallpa and Brazil. My grandmother is in Pucallpa as well as countless cousins and other relatives. I haven't heard from them. I hope everyone's ok.

August 25 mom comes in my room and tells me to pack an emergency bag. I knew of a storm coming but  I didn't think it was such a big deal I didn't want to pack. I believed she was exaggerating. We had to food shop and stock up many many necessities. I was beginning to get a headache. Had a very interesting and long conversation with two friends I've known for half my life. And although we don't hangout anymore it would be like old times, like time hasn't passed. Just standing in the rain talking. And then it all goes downhill from here. Not stressing it so I refuse to discuss it.

August 26 Today meanwhile I was working I was watching the spanish news and it showed a fiery meteor flying down from the sky in Peru somewhere. They didn't say when it happened but they don't know where it crashed. Interesting. Nothings changed I'm still trying to pack, preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. They say it'll die down by the time it reaches us but you never know. They keep saying its going to be "Historic" we shall see. Just hope all animals are safe especially this kitten I couldn't catch but been feeding. His names Rolex I'll pray he'll survive. <3

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