Run deep Run wild

Sooner then later we will make 5 years. Oh how these coming months will be hard. Nothing comes easy. So many people doubted us. So many hated us but they're just going to have to get use to us. And now I see other couples who were kind of, sort of around us, doing what we're doing. And its all quite simple you see, its just showing attention, giving affection. They use to never do it NOT EVER and now they are hmm.
Even though its going to be five years I still feel like we haven't been together  long enough. People don't know shit when they start dating someone new. Its all fresh. You're not in love in a matter of 2 weeks. There's so much to learn from love, gain from it and do with it. A lot of people are together for all the wrong reasons. I'm glad that no matter the circumstance, no matter the shit I had to go through or the devastation's I've faced I was able to pull through. Even if I felt alone I was never really alone. I just look at this as a learning experience and no matter how long I been with him I'm still learning new things about him everyday. Whether I agree or not our love hasn't died. There have been times where I questioned us and if he's really for me. I think it will always be in the back of my mind but I still miss him so much if I don't see him for like 2 days. Being in his arms is so comforting and its where I belong.

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