It's all a blurr

I couldn't feel my face. Sad to say I lost my appetite. Had to walk away to fuckin breathe. I was losing my vision and hearing I was buggin the fuck out. Then I puked it all out. -Story of my life :)

All at my fave eatery in New York City.

I will NEVER say where it is because I don't even wanna bump into fools when I want to just get away. Not like its a low key place either because celebs are always popping in and out like babies. Just like Cassie. Can I just say that she is BAD in person. Skinny as she looks but not as tall as everyone made her out to be. IDGAF what anyone says, she's the only one who can pull off this look and lemme just add that she shaved both sides of her head now. Mohawk type ishh.

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