Rebel Yell Wolf

 Killer madame, murder, the like. Its all written on paper.
I think its time I closed a chapter from my life and open a new one. I won't be made the fool anymore and I'm just tired of the troubles. No one knows what I been through. The physical and emotional pain. I been through it all. You name it I been through it. And I'm too tiny for all this I can't handle it. No matter the hardships I had to face I WILL NEVER GET USE TO IT because I know there's better. And I refuse to have some idiot change my views and manipulate the way I feel or think. I'm too smart for this. Can't you tell I don't give a fuck anymore? You pushed my little buttons. I didn't shed a tear. I have no emotion, no remorse not a feeling nor a care in the world. "DONT CRY OVER SPILT MELK" trying to leave on a good note.

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