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It seems to me that having an intellectual and meaningful conversation seizes to exist anymore. All everyone (around me) wants to talk about is my relationship as if it really interests them. What I want to know is what is your motive? Anyways one stupid and uncalled for convo I had recently mad me realize how small minded people truly are to the world and their surroundings. He said "how would you know 'Life' if you never even went to L.A. before?" Really? What does visiting LA have to do with living Life? And how do you ask that particularly question to someone who's visited other countries and seen FIRST hand how others live their lives? He himself has yet to leave this country and experience 'LIFE'. Whether its rich or poor, their culture of living is different. The smell in the air is different. I watched a documentary recently where boys who grew up in a group home traveled around the world to experience LIFE. To see how others lived and to help those in need. It made me open my eyes. It made me want to save up my money in case this relationship did ever fail, I'd want to leave here and help others. So I wouldn't waste anymore time and energy on stupidity when others have it worse. I think a lot of people's priorities are fucked up and  I don't want to end up like them.

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