When Duties call

Been on Jury Duty. So I've been having very long days. I can't speak on it but  I will say, it's cool just tiring :)

Spent the rest of my day with l'boyfran and his mom till he left me for his show. I been bonding with his mommy. For a long time I didn't think she liked me for many reasons but now its all love. It's always important to get along with your lover's parents especially their mom being that you're marrying her as well (just saying)
We have a lot in common. My bf thinks I'm a lot like her idk if that's a good thing or not -_- But I always tell him that  I don't want to be your mom  I want to be your wife :)

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  1. thanks for your comment hun, yeah i do have litas, they are so comfortable i would defiantly recommend them.
    i love your hat really suits you.
    I keep saying to my bf also that i want to be his wife not his mum, it just doesn't sink in though lol ahhh men! xxx