Poetic Justice

I miss how  I use to blog. This isn't a fashion blog, no not at all I don't know what the fuck I"m doing anymore. i think I'm getting confused. I'm following all the wrong people. I miss those who don't write anymore. I miss their  triumphs, struggles and pain. 

I love photography (after all a picture speaks a 1000 words) and most of all I love art. But I seem to talk about Love a lot. I'm in love with the idea of being in love. So lets get personal again shall we?

I'm not surprised that I've been disappointed again. Let down, you know the norm? But how much is too much? and when is enough really enough? The calm before the storm. Reading is therapeutic to me so I've been doing a lot of it, trying to follow what they say on relationships. I know a lot of it is Me but I don't think he understands me like I understand him. Sometimes  I wish we can start over and sometimes I wished we never met.

"So if you want to leave me, leave, but do it just the way a tear drops into the sea." -Signe

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