Went to the Shore yesterday with the ladies. It was really fun. They got henna tattoos and I irresponsibly left my camera home so I was stuck taking photos with my camera phone.
The Infamous "Shore Store" where the cast from Jersey Shore works when they film. The manager was actually in there when  I went to look around.
 Our MASTER PIECE as beach Bums!
Just as Jenna was showing us the house the cast stays in we see a mob of people following camera crews. I had no idea they were filming again. We only got to see Vinny with this "mystery" woman :) he got more tatted and has a small mohawk. He actually looked pretty cute. We couldn't  get too close not because of security but because of the groupies who followed. When we finally left we passed their house and it is highly secured. NO ONE is ringing that door bell lol let me tell you, and the camera crews studio is in their backyard! Everything's staged. There's nothing real about "reality tv". Just saying.... :)

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