Shatter, Rattle and ROLL

I'm possessive/territorial to whats MINE >:]. A MEGA BITCH at times every month. Who isn't? :)  Lets BE REAL for a second. I've lost plenty of 'friends' because of my honesty and standards. They're sluts, I'm not. But I'm more than just a pretty face. BUT I'm the nicer Twin AND I'm much more than what you're use to; innocently enough. Agree to Disagree. Careless, CareFREE, Stubborn. Maybe, but somehow I'm still considerate. 

INSANELY unpredictable moods; He who bears with me is worth my time
Read DAILY. Polished nails WEEKLY. 

Girls who "think they're hipsters":
Worth: SHIT
On: Shitlist
Don’t like: Guys with egos and are perfectly incapable of realizing it.

You know those Brazilian-waxed, Louboutin-wearing, Cashmere Mafia bitches who only date hedge-fund managers? I'm so not one of them. I've never been attracted to a man with mega-job status, assuming he'd have a mega-ego to match so take that. Take That. TAKE THAT!

 "You will fail, but failure will make success a little richer. You will be rejected, but rejection will refine your inner strength....The consequences of all that you fear are not nearly as bad as the regret of what is missed while standing on the sidelines."

I'm rambling again.

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